Language & Pronunciation for the Classroom


A course that covers a wide range of language & pronunciation areas so that teachers become more confident in the classroom. 

The language areas include:
- language systems
- terminology
- anticipating problems & solutions
- conveying & checking meaning
- presenting & practising language
- an introduction to discourse
- teaching functions
- vocabulary systems & classroom applications 
- multi-word verbs
- modality
- aspect
- reported speech
- connectors.


The pronunciation areas covered include:
- considerations behind phonology
- a voice setting approach
- word stress
- prominence
- tonal movement
- sounds - the phonemic chart
- rhythm
- sounds in combination (weakening, catenation, elision, intrusion & assimilation)
- learner pronunciation problems & solutions.

Each area examined looks at the theory & then the practical classroom applications through motivating & enjoyable activities.

At the end of the course a certificate is awarded.

The fees
Each course has a three-month limit, from beginning to end. There are no time limits set on the completion of each module within the three months.

On receipt of payment of the fees, a password is sent, giving access to the course. The fees are payable though PayPal, a very secure online payment system. An account can be created to make payment or a simple credit card payment can be made.

If it is not possible to use PayPal in your country of residence, we can supply details for a bank transfer. For more information about the fees & an application form please contact us

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