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The Cambridge ESOL DELTA qualification is for the more experienced teacher & consists of three modules:

Module 1: Two one & a half hour written exam papers.
Module 2: Four formal teaching observations accompanied by a short research paper, as well as a professional development component.
Module 3: A 4.500 word written assignment focused on a particular ELT specialism.

For module two a recognised centre is required. For modules 1 & 3 preparation can be made & arrangements made to enter through a recognised centre.

All of the preparation for DELTA modules 1 & 3 is completed online. 

For more on the scheme at the Cambridge ESOL site:

Module 1 - a three-month preparation course, March>May & September>December - the Module 1 exam is offered on the first Wednesday of June & December. Participants can expect to be doing approx. 15 hours work a week.

This module focuses on the background to teaching and learning ESOL in a range of contexts.

1. theoretical perspectives on language acquisition and language teaching
2. different approaches and methodologies including current developments
3. language systems and learners' linguistic problems
4. language skills and learners' problems
5. knowledge of resources, materials and reference sources for language learning
6. key concepts and terminology related to assessment

The purpose of Module One is to:
• develop candidates' knowledge of historical and current theories of first and second language acquisition
• increase candidates' critical awareness of approaches and methodologies and the way they are used in a range of English language teaching contexts
• extend candidates' knowledge of language systems and skills and the ways in which they are used
• increase candidates' knowledge of learners' problems in developing language and skills proficiency
• enable candidates to critically evaluate teaching and reference materials and resources in a range of English language teaching contexts
• increase candidates' knowledge of the role and methods of assessment.

Entry requirements

As the DELTA is for the experienced teacher it is strongly recommended that candidates have already followed an initial training course, such as the Camb. CELTA course, & have substantial subsequent teaching experience. Due to the academic nature of the DELTA, it is also advisable to be the holder of a university degree.
The qualification is open to native & non-native speakers alike, so a high language level is required of non-native candidates.
If you are interested & feel that you do not fulfill the above, please feel free to apply anyway as a lot rests on a candidate's experience as well.

Breakdown of the exam

The exam is split into two one & a half hour papers. Here's a short breakdown of each task:

Paper 1 - 90'

Task 1- Given 6 definitions > write the terms
Task 2 - Given 6 terms > write the definitions for 4 
Task 3 - Given some writing/speaking material > identify 3 language features to do the tasks.
Task 4 - Given authentic material > comment on genre & meaning/form/phonology of 3 items in text
Task 5 - Given authentic spoken/written student produced > comment on 4 key strengths & weaknesses

Paper 2 - 90'

Task 1- Given exam/test > comment
Task 2 & 3 - Given coursebook material > comment on assumptions & approaches > how activities/stages support those in previous task
Task 4 - Given teaching method/resource book/lesson plan > comment

The preparation course covers the following:

- general development of ELT-related areas - historical background, the learner, the teacher, language & phonology, the 4 skills, materials & evaluation. 

- an analysis on how to tackle each task

- practice with each task

- past papers & examiner reports

- one assessed mock exam, plus others provided for practice

- a forum for participants & trainers to share ideas, experiences & comments

- personalised direction & support from qualified & experienced DELTA trainers

- suggested readings


The fees for the Module 1 preparation course are 750€, payable through PayPal or bank transfer.

For an application form & for questions:

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